Tutorial: #RLV Folders Setup

This tutorial describes how to set up folders of outfits in your inventory, so you can use the 'Wear' command again.

I will describe that by setting up some folders in the #RLV folder directory.

If you don't know how to handle your inventory, please have a look first at this Video Tutorial "How to manage your inventory", made by Torley Linden.

How #RLV Folders work
The #RLV folder is a special folder. It is possible to gain access to this inventory by special RLv commands to force wear or force undress the outfit and toys prepared there. This is done using the MoDesign #RLV Folders Plugin (e.g. part of the MoDesign Total Submission toys).

#RLV folders work like any other usual Inventory folders that contain clothing or attachments. Two things are important about them:
  1. you have created a #RLV folder in the root of My Inventory
  2. you have made the attachments Rlv-Ready, so they can easily be worn.
Create the #RLV root folder
  1. open your inventory
  2. open the context menu of the inventory root folder "My Inventory"
  3. choose: New Folder
  4. rename the New Folder to #RLV
    Case sensitive!
You should end with this result:

You see the new #RLV folder as new folder in your My Inventory folder

How to add outfits
At first I want to add my black latex catsuit to the RLv Folders. The catsuit is already unpacked and located in my Outfit folder. To add it to #RLv Folders, I do:
  1. create a New Folder in the #RLV folder
  2. rename the New Folder to Latex
  3. copy the folder with the latex catsuit to the Latex folder
    Now located at: #RLV/Latex
  4. rename the folder of the catsuit, so it fits less then 20 letters
Now, that was easy.
As you can see, no special action was needed:

The clothing can be worn with the Wear context menu and is available with #RLV folder toys to be dressed or undressed.

How to add attachments
Next, I want to add a MoDesign Chastity Belt:
  1. create a New Folder in the #RLV folder
  2. rename that New Folder to Chastity Belt
  3. move the chastity belt from my inventory into the new created Chastity Belt folder
Seems to be very easy as well.
What is the difference between clothing and attachments?

With attachments, you need to add the name of the attachment point where the attachment is needed to be attached to the name of the attachment. It is common to add the attachment point name in brackets at the end of the attachment name.
This is already done by default with the chastity belt I just added. The wear context menu is available, as you can see:

The chastity belt will be attached at stomach.

How to add not RLv-ready outfits
Ok. Now that we have learned the basics, we take the final step to the high mysteries of making any outfit RLV-Folders-enabeled.
I want to add a pair of boots. When I unpack the boots, its clear to see, there are no RLv compatible attachment point identifiers given. Even worse, some of the items are no modify - no way to add the attachment point name by hand here!

So, what to do?
  1. move the folder of the boots into the #RLV folder
  2. rename the folder to Boots Black
    the folder name needs to have less then 20 letters
Ok. But there is still no Wear option after doing that. But there is a simple standard procedure how to make outfit sets like this RLV-ready:

Standard procedure to get any outfit RLV ready
  1. check the attachments of the outfit
    - make sure you know where to attach every single attachment
    -> make a list
    (hint: if in doubt, use a non RLv viewer and wear the attachment, then launch RLv again)
  2. wear one attachment after an other at the correct attachment point:
    - open the context menu of the attachment
    - choose Attach To ...
    - choose the correct attachment point
    -> the attachment should be worn
    -> if the attachment is modify, the viewer should have added the correct attachment point identifier to its name and you can skip the next steps with this attachment
  3. Only proceed, if the attachment point was not added to the attachments name:
    1. create a New Folder in the folder of the present outfit
    2. drag the attachment you are processing into that New Folder
    3. wear the attachment at the correct attachment point
      - as described above
      -> the New Folder should be renamed automatic to the attachment points name and a leading dot
  4. You don't need to care about Clothing that is no attachment
  5. After processing all attachments:
    1. create a New Folder in the folder of the present outfit
    2. rename that folder to ".bak"
      the leading dot is most important!
    3. move all not needed stuff of the outfit into that folder
      - this is to tidy up the outfit folder
      - folders with a leading .dot will be ignored by the #RLV Folders toys
After I follow these steps with the shoes from above, I end with:

As you can see, its possible to wear the boots when sorted in a .(attachmentpoint) folder.

Well done!

Combined Outfits in #RLV Folders

Very well, now that we are able to have some nice outfit available in #RLv Folders, its time to combine it to get a complete kinky outfit:
  1. rename the folder Latex to Latex Outfit
  2. drag the folder Chastity Belt to the new folder Latex Outfit
  3. drag the folder Boots Black to the folder Latex Outfit
Now I have a complete outfit in my #RLV folder:

To see how to handle this with MoDesign #RLV Folders scripts, we start the next lesson: Tutorial: #RLV Folders Usage Example
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